About us

Presentation – History

We work in the field of book editions such as diaries and notebooks, with a complete production line, from the beginning to the end of the bookbinding process, at our facilities in Greece, always following the tradition of craft bookbinding.

Founded in 1994, we began to create our first handmade diaries with love for the art of craft bookbinding. Our products soon gained consumers’ confidence and they were preferred for their quality and durability.

In 1997, our company starts publishing corporate diaries and notebooks and managed soon to be distinguished as a reliable partner. In 1999, it was moved to a new larger space, for both the housing of its bindery and the expansion of the offices.

Over the years, the consecutive increase in our turnover with incremental rate and always within our business plan, has enabled us to invest in our technology infrastructure, our bookbinding equipment and our human resources.

In 2010, we achieve the vertical integration of our bindery, consisting of all the necessary bookbinding machines, specializing in the publication of diaries.

So far, our company's promising progression continues with even greater increase in the market share, gaining the trust of even the most demanding customers. This is why we still continue not only to invest in additional more productive bookbinding machines, but also to design new ones, that respond to the implementation of our innovative ideas.

Within the years, we have been distinguished for the quality of our bookbinding, the accurate and timely delivery time, the direct and clear communication with every customer, our business ethics and our reliability.


Our mission is to serve the needs of writing, expression, organizing and daily planning for a more effective time management.

We intend to offer diaries and notebooks characterized for their high quality and durability, with unique details in their design, so that their user will have a motivation for inspiration and creation. For us, every book we publish is important because we know that each one, becomes owner’s daily "friend and partner" encouraging him to write from a little note to experiences, desires and goals.

Our vision is our continuous progress in the field of diaries’ and notebooks’ publishing and our recognition as the only company that publishes all diaries and notebooks in Greece from the beginning to the end of the bookbinding process.

Production Process and Quality Assurance

Our production is based on the tradition of craft bookbinding. The bookbinding techniques we follow for the publication of our books are:

  • The Bradel bookbinding technique, which is a modern form of bookbinding and is also known as a "fitted" technique
  • The technique of flexible bookbinding, which had been used until the middle of the 18th century and has come back in the mass production in the recent years
  • The technique of rounded book spine, a technique that began in the middle of the 18th century
  • The library bookbinding technique, which is suitable for continuous use and offers strong bookbinding

Our machinery consists of 60 bookbinding machines. Each one of them ensures the excellent completion of our publications and the flexibility to respond to the customized needs and specialized specifications of our clients.

Our equipment includes machines of the following companies:

  • Stahl
  • Bickel
  • Brehmer
  • GUK-Falzmaschinen
  • Perfecta

Throughout the whole process of production of our publications, we apply controls, using the systematic sampling method, with strict quality criteria aiming to ensure each result and the final finishing of our books, as well.

Environment and Raw Materials

Focusing on excellent results, we choose high quality raw materials, while adopting a sensitive attitude towards the environment, inspired by ecological consciousness.

Our goal for each of our publications is sustainability and that is why we use ecological and recycled raw materials by publishing books that respect the environment. We aim to the continuous research in the field of paper, cardboard and bookbinding materials both in Greece and abroad, incorporating in our publishing process environmentally friendly raw materials, recyclable, recycled and sustainable. In all our writing books, we use paper is derived from feedstock of forest resources, appropriately managed without interrupting the natural productivity, so as to ensure the viable development and environmental protection.

Our company, adBook - Apostolidis Publications and SIA OE, collaborates with the Non-Profit Organization One Tree Planted, which perfectly coincides with our corporate identity and our corporate mission, with the aim of offering tree planting throughout the world, through reforestation projects implemented by the organization.

The objectives of this new partnership include:

  • Supporting global reforestation efforts
  • Empowering consumers with sustainable actions
  • Raising awareness about the importance of ecosystem restoration

Planting trees is one of the best ways to combat the damaging effects of climate change. Trees help clean the air we breathe, filter the water we drink, and provide habitat to over 80 percent of the world’s terrestrial biodiversity. Trees also provide tremendous social impacts by providing jobs to over 1.6 billion people, empowering women in underdeveloped nations, and supporting communities devastated by environmental damage.

Our love for bookbinding, our development in the field of publishing and graphic arts and our interest in environmental protection guide all our choices and decisions for the continuity and progress of our company, both in business and in social level.

Customer Service

Our long experience in diaries’ and notebooks’ publications allows us to offer expert consulting to the process of choosing and designing the proper corporate gift for each company.

We know that the business diaries and notebooks are an important and integral part of the right and successful communication strategy as they strengthen and take care of the company's relations with its internal and external environment and highlight its interest and appreciation to all stakeholders.

Responding to the unique needs of our customers, we develop products that comply with their specifications by publishing diaries and notebooks according to their needs, based on our know-how and expertise. Therefore, each client acknowledges us as a reputable partner, who he can trust for choosing the suitable business gifts that will represent him and promote him the best possible way.